Everyone wants a piece of my man!

I’m aware that personal space is not necessarily a well respected concept here in India. As some you may know I am originally from Turkey, where the situation is much the same. I remember getting wound up by people standing too close at ATMs. They are not after your pin number but just don’t see anything wrong with standing so close behind you. 

On our first Indian train journey, we were in Sleeper Class with 3 men sitting directly opposite us. Our knees were close to touching. All of a sudden the man sitting opposite of Andy bends down and puts his head right between Andy’s legs, let’s just say pretty close to his fun zone! Andy freaks out and goes “whoa” and the guy is like “ok ok”. Only when he pulls back we realise that his bag is under Andy’s seat.The guy had a couple more reaches down to his bag via Andy’s bits but Andy either started to appreciate the gesture or went into acceptance mood.

Just as we reached Agra and got to the ticket counter to purchase our return tickets, my man was noticeably popular again. Before long he was surrounded by all these rather interested man who intently watched Andy punch his pin number onto card machine.

This particular guy however almost claimed Andy for himself. See exhibit 2A below…

I felt to urge to go over there and tell him to get off my man. There I was thinking being a woman is going to be tough in India but it appears that everyone wants a piece of my man 😂

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