Our One Month Summary

Can you believe it’s been a month already? As we sit here high up in the mountains of Northern India, thousands of miles away from our quiet little home town, and for that matter our comfort zone, we are finding it hard to believe ourselves.

A lot of planning went into this journey, and we talked endlessly about it in the months leading up to the time we left the UK.

Here are some of our observations from the first month on the road

  • We agonised for weeks over what to pack and take with us, but it turns out that everything we need is everything we have. It pays to have an awesome researcher!
  • Moving from place to place in a short space of time is incredibly tiring. Especially in a huge country like India. We have found that staying in one place a little longer has relaxed us a lot more.
  • Our plans to travel from one city to another every other day and see most of the west coast have quickly gone out of the window once we realised each city is 8-9 hours apart. So we now started to appreciate the Indian Internal flights more enthusiastically.
  • All of the other backpackers we have met along the way have been incredibly friendly and helpful. They are all happy to help out with information on where they’ve been, where they’re going, and stories from their journeys. We’ve met some really interesting people during this first month including an English man in his 20s already on his 3rd trip to India totally immersed in Buddhist culture, having recently completed a 7 month retreat in Myanmar where he meditated for 18 hours a day and didn’t speak for the whole time. Also, a man in his 30s from Los Angeles who writes books, but got fed up of the city, and decided to travel around Asia. Something we didn’t expect was the amount of Indian people travelling around India. Most of the are in their 20s and 30s and are very well educated.
  • We’ve slept more in this last month than in the previous six. Sometimes we sleep for 10 hours, and still find time for an afternoon snooze! Must be the altitude and our busy schedule!
  • Our eating habits have changed. First of all we drink loads of water, I mean loads! Turns out the only reason why we didn’t drink enough water in UK was because it wasn’t warm enough. On the whole we’re eating less than we would at home. Most evenings we just have fruit, and most days we just have light meals.
  • To our surprise we find ourselves a month into our trip, and not once have we thought about going home. Before we left the UK we talked at length about how we would feel after 2 or even 3 weeks away from home. The normal length of a “holiday” That said, this of course is not a holiday in the normal sense, it’s a life experience.
  • Ok, let’s talk about Delhi Belly! Yes we’ve both had it……twice! and no it’s not pleasant! But at least we’re loosing weight right!
  • And finally, travelling as a couple, spending 24/7 together… Actually it’s surprisingly good. Knowing that we have each other to rely on makes even the tough moments more bearable. We don’t always do the same things or talk to the same people but when we do, we still enjoy each other’s company very much. I will go as far as to say we are stronger together.

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