Scooting Around Phuket

Awesome isn’t it? That’s exactly what I’ve done, left Andy in this crèche to watch sports. First some cricket and then Forests’ first match of the season and god knows what else. Thankfully I saved myself a day of listening to drunken cricket fans talking rubbish and watching even more drunken football fans shouting at the TV screen! Last time I looked back, Andy was chatting to an Australian man next to a big group of Brummies who were all having burger and chips for dinner…what a way to enjoy Thailand!

With all the time in the world on my hands, I headed towards a temple that we were lucky enough to be staying very near to. The grounds of this impressive temple are used as a local open market twice a week so it was nice to catch it on a non-market day to look around.

I then got back to the hotel and had a quiet night catching up with my things to do and reading a bit. I didn’t have to pick our football fan up from the crèche but I did have to stay up and wait for him as we had only one key. In the early hours of the morning there was finally a knock on the door. When I looked through the peep hole, I’ve seen a topless Andy! Turns out he walked back instead of taking a tuk tuk and got very hot on the way back…haha!

Next morning I hired myself a driver to take me around the island on his scooter. I was very happy with the service I’ve received from this young man.

We went to the famous Big Buddha first. What fun it was to climb up that hill with a scooter! The view, as you can imagine, was fantastic from this high point.

We have also visited the lively Patong beach. By this point, I was rather happy with my driver so we had a romantic walk on the beach and posed for a few sunset photos after parking the bike in a spacious and quiet bike park.

I think the funniest part for me was when we had a drink in a bar playing live music. It just was so wrong that I, who really dislikes beer, was having a bottle (mainly because it’s the cheapest) and my lovely driver was sipping his lemonade that cost us twice as much!

The food market was where all the fun was. Loads of food to try from grilled okra on skewers to spit-roasted crocodile meat, lucky us eh?!

Our whirlwind of romance had to come to an end though when my driver was snatched away by a Thai lady on a scooter…

He said he went with her to pay for our Ko Samui tickets. But pay how?? I hope he had somewhere to hold onto as these rides can be a bit bouncy…

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