What can you carry on a Scooter?

Until visiting Vietnam, we had never appreciated the popularity of scooters. Here they are the greatest way of getting around without the hassle of parking or spending ages sitting in traffic jams.

They do have their limitations though…Like it’s not going to be good to have many people on it or carrying heavy or bulky items are impossible…or is it?

For instance, how many boxes do you think can be carried on a scooter? One? Two?

I was going to say big wide loads but then could anyone guess what are those three objects on the second scooter?

I think people underestimate how versatile scooters can be. Still I’m sure there is a limit to how much load is “ok” to take on…

Now there are some really odd shapes that we need to be wary of carrying on a scooter, right?

Oops, an even longer load!

Scooters are not only good for carrying items but also pets, people, your friends and family.

You can carry your little children, twins or even new born babies apparently…

You might be a very confident rider and a perfect gentleman at the same time…

What? He just doesn’t want his lovely lady getting wet!

Riding with friends is more fun of course…

Every occasion is important and you load is precious no matter what it is but it can rarely be as precious as your beautiful bride.

No problem if you’re holding on to Winnie the Pooh for your child or an animal cage…

Can make your mum happy by carrying half the garden or home appliances plus some bedding!

Or you can make your boss happy by using your scooter for necessary transportation.

Surely a few plastic-bags would be very easy though, wouldn’t they?

How many plastic bags would be too may do you think?

This had to be seen to be believed!

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