Christmas in the Sun

Andy: What are you doing this Christmas? Traditional Christmas dinner with the family? Sit by the fireplace and watch The Queens’s speech full of turkey and Christmas pudding wearing your new slippers and socks? Maybe settle down later to watch the epitome of all Christmas movies – Die Hard?!

Seda: Being from Turkey I only started celebrating Christmas when I moved to the UK 15 years ago, so all I’ve ever known is a cold Christmas. It just doesn’t seem right to listen to the same old Christmas songs under the blazing sun where all the people are in shorts and summer dresses. Santa and his reindeer surrounded by snow as we would expect, but a penguin holding a cone of ice cream and a stall selling iced coffee and ice cold water on a Christmas market…I’m not sure! All very confusing because it’s 32 degrees!

We see some funny reminders of Christmas on the roadsides baking under the sun all day.

Australians surely agree with us because why else is there a snowman and Father Christmas wearing thick winter clothes? Their wall decorations and Christmas trees also have snowy winter images which really look out of place.

We have Christmas jumper day in the UK and they seem to have Christmas shirt day here!

Note Santa’s shorts and flip flops!

When it comes to Christmas shopping though, you have choices that are miles different than the UK. Beach towels on Christmas sale? Miniature snowy pine trees next to flip flops?

If our poor babies wear these Christmas vests and shorts, they would surely be frozen!

One thing which doesn’t seem to change much though is the alcohol! Look at Santa already knocked out after a few too many!

Well at least Santa doesn’t need to be cooled off with a fan in the UK!

Andy: So, no Christmas dinner for us this year my friends, we are going to the beach and probably going to have a swim and a BBQ! We never thought we’d spend our first Christmas as a married couple in sunny Australia, but life is full of surprises and this year has taught us to embrace them with both hands. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading.

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