Australia Day in Sydney

On January 26th 1788 the first fleet of British ships arrived at Port Jackson, NSW and that day is celebrated annually as Australia Day.

We were lucky to be in a Sydney to witness the celebrations for this special day!

Displays by the Australian Navy and Air Force
Awesome stilt walkers

Everything was meticulously planned with the odd exception…

Why would you put this barrier and speakers here!

There was a street party going on when we moved away from the harbour

We even found a British sweets shop!

We soon fancied a drink and happened upon Sydney’s oldest pub

There was no room at the inn though, so we had to settle for somewhere slightly less popular instead!

So, now we just had to wait for dark so we could see the fireworks……

Almost time…

Still waiting for the fireworks on the Harbour Bridge…

The fireworks were scheduled to last 15 minutes, and the 4 minutes they did last they were spectacular!

At the end of the display there was rather a lovely tribute to the amazing firefighters battling the recent bushfires and emergency services by projecting images onto the Opera House.

Of course neither of us had ever experienced Australia Day before and we couldn’t help but be impressed of all the flag themed shirts, face painting, and non-permanent tattoos on display. So, for all you Aussies out there, Happy Australia Day!!

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