Queenstown, NZ

Andy: Before leaving Wanaka we went to Mt. Iron track to have a morning walk/climb which gave 360 degree views of the city. A walk certainly worth checking out.

Afterwards we visited some lavender gardens where we compromised by sorting a quick lunch for ourselves in the car park and having our nice afternoon tea in their lovely gardens. On the way out we had a look around the shop and certainly made the most of their free testers. From face creams to lip balms, we tried them all and left smelling very strongly of lavender. I’m surprised there wasn’t a swarm of bees following us to the car!

Seda: We were heading for Queenstown but got slightly distracted just outside the city by an awesome winery and chesery, and anything else that ends in “ery” for that matter! But then again, who wouldn’t? Although we enjoyed our chese with some lovely oat stout, there were quite a few wineries on the way into Queenstown.

I bribed my handsome driver with the half of my stout so he’d take me to the wineries which worked nicely. Quick research revealed a free wine tasting where the ones we tried were nowhere near as nice as Marlborough ones but since Andy refuses my suggestions to move to Marlborough, I have to make do with what I can get.

Finally at Queenstown, we arrived at the campsite we had pre-planned but this was no campsite, it was more like a Gypsytown. There were people’s possessions spread around everywhere. Cars were covered with towels, bike bits, buckets, broken furniture, tyres, everything you can think of was thrown around. The guy at the reception said we could stay if we found a space but that was easier said than done. We parked on what felt like the top of a mountain thinking we are really pushing it here, but two move campers came later and parked on the hill at what looked like a 45 degree angle. We were really curious about their sleep quality.

Our first proper day in Queenstown was cold and cloudy again. We left the gypsy town quickly and luckily by the time we found a parking space (yes it took that long to find one) the weather was clearing up a bit.

Do you notice how much I mention the weather recently? I had heard that NZ weather resembled to UK, but I wasn’t expecting to be back into “constantly talking about weather” mode so soon!

Andy: It was only 11.15 but there was already a queue at the famous Fergburger. This was a place we’d read about in another blog, but kind of forgotten about. We’d had breakfast early so we thought why not and joined the queue. Our early timing wasn’t too much of a problem though as they forgot about our order somehow and we ended up eating it around a more reasonable lunch time! Unlike Marlborough wines, this burger didn’t make Seda want to move to Queenstown but it was jolly good!

We had a nice walk around town, and quickly noticed that every other shop seemed to be offering some sort of adventure sport. From sky diving to bungy jumping, Queenstown seemed to have it all. The question here would have to be, which one would you choose?

Paragliding, but I’m pretty sure Seda’s experience in India was cheaper!

We found these lovely gardens on the lake edge which were great. We spent an hour or so just sat on a bench looking out onto the crystal clear waters.

We decided to drive the 45 minutes around the edge of lake Wakatipu and head to Glenorchy for a decent campsite. We’d seen pictures on our local camper app, and it looked very good despite the distance to Queenstown. It was a beautifully scenic drive, so the distance didn’t matter at all. Along the way we stumbled across this amazing view…

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