Almost a false start!

You can plan and plan things to the smallest detail, but you can’t factor in delays at airports. It’s especially worrying when you have a connecting flight to make. We were flying from London Heathrow to Delhi via Rome on an Italian airline, the main reason being the price. We got an unbelievable deal.

We made it

We took our seats, but kept getting told by the Captain that there was a technical fault and we are waiting for the engineer to arrive. We sat there in our seats for 1 hour 50 minutes and when the engineer finally arrived, the announcement came that we were ready to go about 20 seconds after he entered the cockpit. Now, my 10 years in the RAF in a previous life tells me that the avionics fitter (or Fairy’s as we called them) simply did the old turn it off, and back in again routine! How typical huh?! Could’ve done that myself.

We therefore left London 2 hours late, which meant our connection in Rome would be tight, instead of the 3 hours which were scheduled. Thankfully we made it no problem, and even managed a flying pizza slice pit stop on the way to the gate. Also, Seda’s obsession with not letting anything go to waste meant we had a bag of nibbles for the journey collected from various cupboards at home.

Delhi airport

We had booked our first 3 nights in a hostel in Delhi from back home in the UK, and thankfully they offered a free pick up service for international arrivals. This was so helpful, and extremely welcome for us as it would’ve been so hard to find the place on our own, and we kept reading about taxi drivers who scam tourists.

Even at around 3am the streets were fairly busy with chaotic traffic, and we sped along at break neck speed in a 20 year old Suzuki van which must’ve been pushing 6 million miles on the clock. I think at one point we very nearly broke the sound barrier. We made the 8 mile journey from airport to hostel in around 6.4 seconds, and we were greeted at the door by a very friendly man called Ziya. He showed us to our room (shared with 4 beds) and we tried our best not to wake the sleeping traveller. We later found out he was Sri Lankan, via Bristol. Classic combo!

One comment

  1. Sounds like an interesting start to your adventure!! You wouldn’t want it to be dull, now would you! Lol😆


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