This is a couple’s blog you know…

So far Andy has been writing our views on behalf of both of us as I trust his grammar would allow a better read. I just wanted to add a few things on this occasion, before we moved on, about how overwhelming it is to start a year long journey in my view and how it can be really scary one moment and wonderfully exciting the next.

As we left the comfort of our home, with only a massive back pack to keep everything I need for a year, I thought I’d start panicking. The fear would hit home at some point and make me question what the hell we are doing.

Well, yes there is an underlying fear of the unknown in the background but it is an incredibly powerful sense of freedom. We don’t have to think about work or house or chores or anything. What to have for dinner tonight? When to take the bins out or do shopping… None of those! It is a fantastic feeling to be free to do whatever you want and go wherever you damn pleased.

When we arrived at passport control at the airport in Delhi, I was ready. The real excitement had just started and I couldn’t wait to get out there and immerse myself in that chaos! We knew there would be crazy traffic all around us, scammers to avoid, overly sugary coffees to try and spicy foods to eat, but there I was, ready to start. Do all those things, and so much more.

So, I know my “unique” writing style will occasionally confuse the hell out of you but I’d like to see you write a blog in Turkish! 😀 I’ll try my best so please bear with me here.

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