Krabi is NOT an island apparently!

Ten weeks and four countries into our travelling experience, and we have arrived at the only country on our list that we have visited before – Thailand. We came here two years ago on holiday and really enjoyed ourselves, so when we were planning our trip we decided we must see more of this amazing country.

As opposed to common belief Krabi is not an island in itself but is a province which has over 100 offshore islands as a part of it. We’d both heard the phrase Krabi Island many times ourselves, and it wasn’t until we got here that we realised it was incorrect.

We first arrived in Ao Nang Beach near the southern town of Krabi. After our hotel troubles were sorted out (see previous post) we had a lovely relaxing week here. On our first night we got a lift into town by the hotel staff for a wander around to get familiar with not only a new place, but another country albeit with a slightly familiar feel.

We headed for a place called Centre Point where it seemed all the lively bars, and even a cabaret show were located. On our way we came face to face with the stars of the evenings show on the pavement handing out fliers. These ladies were not wearing much at all, and as we got closer we realised that they towered over both of us. Now, I’m not a short guy by any means, but these ladies were all around 6ft 5ins! Something was not quite right here, if you catch my drift!

A picture taken from the internet

As we entered Centre Point, which it turns out is just a small alleyway filled with bars, we were immediately accosted by about 10 guys all shoving fliers into our hands and telling us of the offers their particular bar had that night – all at once! This was a bit of a sensory overload for a Tuesday evening and so we made a hasty retreat amid a cloud of unwanted fliers.

Seda: Next morning was our boat trip to Railay beach by the long tailed boats. This is the amazing Aonang beach…

The boat sets off when they have 10 or so customers, but you have to wade out into the water in order to climb in. I thought my skirt was short enough but clearly not…

I wanted to take a picture of the whole boat once we were off. In today’s “no one talks to anyone they don’t know” society, I surprised everyone by asking if I could take a picture of all of us and saying “smile”! And of course trust me to find a Turkish couple sitting across on a 10 people boat in the middle of the Adaman Sea in Thailand.

On our first visit to Railay Beach, we had our first kayaking experience together which was very enjoyable. The water was sooo warm that the occasional splashes were no relief from the scorching sun. The rocks and limestone cliffs were amazing and we managed to take loads of pictures without dropping the phone in the sea!

Railay beach is a truly wonderful place, only accessible by boat. There are loads of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes and it’s buzzing even in what’s considered off-season.

Andy: A tip we read on various other couples blogs before we set off on our own adventure was to occasionally give each other some space. So, not for the first time Seda went to town by herself, and I stayed at the hotel. Seda planned to wander around the market stalls (without me looking bored!) at her own pace, and I had some writing to do, amongst taking a swim, eating, taking a swim, sleeping, and maybe taking another swim. However, in order to earn my reward of a lazy afternoon by the pool I thought it would be a great idea to go for a run. I’d mapped out a little 3 mile loop (in secret) around the hotels surrounding quiet lanes, and the added bonus was that it was a slightly overcast day. The sun was hidden by clouds but it was still warm, but off I went. The first 2 miles were a really lovely experience running along quiet lanes surrounded by banana trees but then disaster struck. The sun came out! I went from plain sailing to struggling in about two minutes. It sapped all of my energy and I had to run/walk the last mile back to the hotel. It was an absolute killer, and a really bad idea!

Nice swim afterwards mind……

Seda: During our stay in Ao nang beach, we visited two night markets. One in the town we were in and other one in Krabi town. The first one was rather dead and the biggest excitement of the night for us was the cheap fruit shakes! Please note that it take a certain amount of expertise to drink a Thai fruit shake without getting total brain freeze. A skill that after lots of practice I am pleased to announce we have both mastered.

Mmmmmm, pineapple!

Krabi town night market on the other hand was much bigger and popular as proven by the crowds. We were taken there by a nice comfy AC’d minibus and had 3 hours to spend there eating, drinking, looking around and listening to the ever changing amateur singers on stage. In line with our backpackers budget, the cheapest foods have been eaten and none of the trinket or clothing items were purchased. We did however browse the hell out of that market!

Andy: A personal highlight for me of Krabi town night market was wandering around and thinking to myself, I know that song as a familiar tune came over the PA system of the stage karaoke style. As we turned a corner and the stage came into view we were greeted with the amazing sight of a 7 year old Thai girl belting out a popular Linkin Park song with intense energy that would make the late Chester Bennington proud!

Seda: After 10 weeks and much persuasion, this has happened…

It’s not pineapples and it’s not flamingos but I have finally had the pleasure of seeing Andy wear a happy shirt in local style… Mmmm refreshing, now where’s that gin and tonic!

So, as the sun sets over Ao Nang beach we can almost hear the party music calling us from across the water from Phi Phi Island……

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