Let’s See See Phi Phi

After our week in Ao Nang beach, Krabi we set sail for Phi Phi Island. This time IT IS actually an island in the middle of the Andaman Sea, so of course the only way to get there is by ferry.

After a quick mini bus ride to the ferry port in Krabi town we boarded the impressive looking ferry. When we got inside though, we realised it looked way nicer from the outside, and without air conditioning it was like an oven.

As the ferry pulled away from the pier into the estuary and headed out to sea we were travelling at a rather slow speed. Nothing out of the ordinary there of course, and we were just waiting for the open sea before the Captain opened up the throttle and sped us towards Phi Phi. Well, this unfortunately didn’t happen and we plodded along for two hours at this pace. I think I could have swam breaststroke carrying my backpack there quicker than that ferry took, but for the price we couldn’t complain.

On Phi Phi island there are no roads, so therefore no cars and very limited mopeds. Everything is moved around the small island streets by handcarts. When we arrived at the pier there was a member of the hotel staff holding a sign up showing the hotels name. We walked over and he put our bags into the cart and off we went.

The small streets were like a maze and we felt sure we would never find the hotel ever again. At the end of the path we were faced with a daunting set of stairs leading up to the hotel. So, we grabbed our bags and started to scale the dizzy heights. Put it this way, the steps even have signs on them to show how many calories you’re burning as you ascend!

We made it to the lobby, checked in, only to find there were many more steps before we actually made it to our room! Our room was at the 50 calorie marker!

Some days we went up and down those stairs 3 times and it never seemed to get any easier! Also, at night I would have to go first with the torchlight from my phone in case there were any cockroaches so Mrs Cross didn’t have a heart attack and wake up the whole island!

On our first night out on the infamous Thai party island of Phi Phi, we really didn’t know what to expect. We took a stroll into town and soon realised that pretty much everyone was drinking out of small buckets! All the bars had posters up advertising “buy one get one free buckets” so we had to see what all this was about.

We ordered our buckets, which was basically a mixture of vodka, some fruit juices and lots of ice. Classy or what?! Well, you should have seen how classy we were as we tried to climb up those steps after 3 whole buckets each without tumbling down the steps!

After a considerable lie-in, we started the next day with our second kayak experience after the success of the first one in Ao Nang beach. Unfortunately for us we chose completely the wrong time to do it this time as the tide was out. That said, we’d walked down to the beach and didn’t fancy the dreaded steps back up to the hotel just yet, so we went for it. We had to drag the damn thing across the sand for about 5 miles before we got into the shallows where it would float and make it slightly easier.

We paddled out of the bay, around the headland destined for Monkey Beach. It took about 20 minutes of Olympic paced paddling to get there.

As we beached the kayak we couldn’t help feeling we’d been mis-sold as there wasn’t a monkey to be seen. Then a gang appeared out of the trees ready to cause havoc. They were relentless in their hunt for food, drinks and generally scaring the sh*t out of tourists. We witnessed them drink someone’s water straight from the bottle, root through someone’s bag in their kayak and actually attack Seda (which was so funny that I couldn’t get the camera while laughing my head off).

When they had calmed down again and lost interest in trying to recruit Seda I managed to persuade the gang leader to pose for a photo with me.…

Lads chillin!

Getting back was a breeze, literally. The wind had picked up and we hardly had to paddle to return the kayak. We did feel sorry for the people just heading out though……Mwahahahaha!

Two years ago when we came to Thailand I bought this Chang beer t-shirt so I thought I’d bring it along with me on this trip. Thinking I’d look cool I wore it one day on Phi Phi island but unfortunately several hundred others thought the same. Should’ve brought the Guinness one!

Andy finally gets a six pack!

We read somewhere that Phi Phi is where the backpackers go to party but Phuket is where tourists go to do the same. As Thailand has more of a holiday vibe we sometimes do feel like tourists so we thought we would check Phuket out next.….

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