The End of the End of Thailand

The second day with the scooter we drove to Namuang Waterfall in the central area of the island. It took about 40 minutes to get there and after we’d parked up our trusty steed, it was only a short walk to the falls. Although it was small, it was very beautiful and the best part was that soon after we’d arrived, everyone seemed to go leaving us alone to enjoy the beauty of the place…

On the map we’d noticed lots of symbols for viewpoints dotted all over the island, but there seemed to be a high concentration around Namuang Waterfall, so that was to be our next destination. We jumped on the bike and headed up the mountains. At one point the road was incredibly steep and I thought we weren’t going to make it, but the old Honda didn’t let us down even though we were down to walking pace. It really did make us laugh so much that I could hardly keep the bike balanced!

We eventually made it to the viewpoint (B Valley Samui), and it didn’t let us down.  It has simply stunning views, and the guy running the place was lovely.

After soaking up the amazing views for a while we headed back down the mountain for a spot of lunch in Lamai Beach. We found it to be a quaint little shopping street with a beautiful short stretch of beach with plenty of restaurants and bars. We had a lovely Thai food lunch and a bit of a wander before stopping again for a coffee just as the heavens opened with a massive thunder storm.

Twenty minutes later and the rains had stopped, just enough time to enjoy our coffees! We then headed back across the island to our guest house as there was another extremely dark cloud looming overhead so we thought it wise to get back before there was another downpour. We made it back just in time thankfully!

On our last day in Ko Samui we first headed for a temple called Wat Plai Laem fairly close to our guest house. We nearly didn’t bother going, but were so glad we took the time to visit and see the 18 armed statue of the goddess of mercy and compassion as it was beautiful.

After our temple visit we actually went to Ko Samui airport. It seems a strange place to visit, but we’d heard it was a lovely place to just walk around.  It was too! It had very nice outdoor shopping street and we couldn’t help wishing all airports were like this.

In the evening we went to another local place called Bhoput Fisherman’s Village as there was a Friday night market. We’d previously visited here earlier in the week on a non market day, and because of the narrow streets and large crowds it wasn’t a pleasant experience really which was a shame.

The next day we headed for Bangkok for one night only. During the afternoon we had a walk around and found where we stayed 2 years ago on holiday. At that time we spoke to backpackers on the famous Khaosan Road never for one minute thinking we’d be doing to the same ourselves 2 years later. We even found a few bars in which Seda had cocktails and swore blind there were no alcohol in them, and so ordered an extra shot of vodka, only to regret it later!

We met a cool Australian guy who was spending some time in Thailand working towards a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language.

Early in the morning (after 3 hours sleep!) we to fly to our next destination – Vietnam…

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