Our Summary of Thailand…

In all we spent a month in Thailand, making the most out of our visa! Here are some of the things we couldn’t help noticing about this wonderful country…

• Wifi is available everywhere and the password is usually found on a napkin dispenser or on a poster. Even the smallest coffee shops and humble family run restaurants have it. It is better than UK in that respect.

• Butterflies in Thailand are very vibrant and everywhere. Some very large and colourful 

• Drinking out is a bucket is totally normal in the party destinations like Phi Phi and Patong Beach in Phuket

• Thai massage is awesome, especially oil and aromatic massages. It’s very reasonably priced and so doesn’t feel too much of an indulgence and you leave with beautifully soft skin smelling of coconut

• Thai food is hotter than indian food and that’s not from me, Andy says that, so that must be true?!

• Lovely mango, pineapple, watermelon, rambutans and mangosteens – What we would consider tropical fruit is cheap and widely available, whereas things like apples and pears are expensive. Even though they are very vibrant in colour, unfortunately we found dragon fruit to be bland.

Some fruits are even big enough to sit on…

• There are wires everywhere along the road side which is rather ugly. A lot of the time it makes getting a decent photo of something very difficult. I guess we are just so used to not seeing this as they are buried underground in UK.

• Some road signs are too low for western people. Andy banged his head on a few as he is a bit of a giant, at least by Thai standards!

• Travelling by bus/ferry/minivan anywhere around around Thailand means getting covered in stickers. On our journey from Phuket to Ko Samui at one point we had 3 each on our shirts. We were never sure what they meant, but we got there so they must work! 

• Fruit smoothies are everywhere on little stalls/carts. They are beautiful, cheap and very refreshing

• They love big buddhist statues. Most towns seem to have one nearby, and why not. They are awesome!

• Thai versions of pot noodles are extremely spicy and come in hundreds of different flavours

• Tuk tuks in Bangkok are larger versions of the ones in India, but they also have modified pickup truck versions

• ATMs all charge around £6 to make a withdrawal. We tried and tried to get around this and eventually found an exchange counter owned by a major bank (Krungsri Bank Thailand) in a shopping centre that didn’t charge and we could actually use our credit card.

  • The Thai people are very creative with their skewer/kebab choices.
  • Our stand on Durian has not changed. It still stinks, but at least we’ve tried it now and can confirm it tastes as bad as it smells

And so we say goodbye to Thailand now, to its wonderful chicken coconut soup, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. We don’t think there will be a third time, but never say never right?!

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