The Blue Mountains

Seda: There were bushfires near Blue Mountains National Park recently so we weren’t even sure if we would get to see this wonderful area of New South Wales. It seems things are more under control now so the trains are back up running from Sydney central to most Blue Mountain locations. We went to Katoomba which is like the main town of the area.

It was a long train journey of over two hours from Sydney Central station. There were some rather surprising things about this trip though. First of all, the car was heavily displaying a lilac theme, lilac leather seats, lilac walls, lilac carpet… The second surprising thing was the cost of our trip. Over two hours of climbing up the mountains cost us just over a pound! I can’t help thinking maybe that was the compensation for the lilac endurance?!

In addition to the journey to get to Sydney central, we were on the go for almost 4 hours by the time we arrived at Katoomba. Ready to eat anything that moved, we went straight from the train station to the few cafes across the road. I saw the words “doner” and “gozleme” and was gone before Andy could finish reading.

After a bit of a Turkish chat, the owner treated us to some baklava saying we’d need the energy for our walks. Such generous people we Turks are, even when found on top of a mountain! Andy in the meantime impressed with his Turkish and got instantly liked because he said thank you in Turkish. How is it that speaking Turkish with an English accent sounds so cute but speaking English with a Turkish accent sounds just wrong?

They’re tastier when they’re free!

We had a long walk through the town to get to where the three sisters would be waiting. We passed by “The Three Sisters Massage Parlour”, “The Three Sisters Insurance Company” and “The Three Sisters Fashion Store” to meet them.

Unfortunately all the walks we wanted to do were closed due to the risk of fires. I guess they don’t want people wondering off into depths of the forest. We were able to get a good look at the three sisters though which was very lucky considering how much more cloudy the weather could have been. The story of the three sisters involves a spell that had lost it’s chance to get reversed. I love how men create these inspiring stories about keeping women quiet, funny isn’t it?

The view was very impressive and we joked about how much a cup of view would cost in one of the cliff side cafes. Scenic World offers a cable car ride in the beautiful Jamison Valley for those who have too much money and not are sure what to do with it.

There were waterfalls that we wanted to see but we had a 4 hour journey ahead of us. If we took the next train, our friend that we’re looking after would go hungry. She is such a nice, well behaved dog, upsetting her would be the last thing we’d want to do.

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