Further Sydney Sight Seeing

Sydney ferry terminal at Circular Quay

Seda: Of course we could’ve taken the ferry to Manly and post you the great Opera House pictures taken from the boat. But because we are here to get the closest shots on foot, we didn’t hesitate to walk that 17kms just to picture the Harbour Bridge in the same shot with the Opera House from land.

Andy: That really was a long day of walking, but so worth it. It was also the first clear day we’d had in Sydney since we arrived (that wasn’t 45degrees!). We got to see the most famous sights of Sydney in all their glory and from every angle. We also got rather burnt doing it too!

Seda: Now you know the quality of service we offer, we can send you some photos taken from the ferry to Manly. The Harbour seems to host one cruise ship or other everytime we see it but this time we were lucky enough to view the departure of one.

The downside of house sitting is that your day out of the house is limited to gaps between pet feeding times. So we couldn’t spend too long at Manly. We had a quick visit to a gallery but it was so small, it gave us the impression that people only go there in the hot days to cool down with the AC.

Andy: Just like in any English seaside town there were thousands of seagulls hanging around all the picnic tables waiting for half an opportunity to steal peoples chips and generally making a nuisance of themselves!

Seda: We had a nice walk on Manly beach, all the way to Shelly Beach. It’s a joy to watch the surfers with a 1$ coffee from an Ezymart! I would be no good on a surfboard since my balance is the equivalent of a new born giraffe. Hence I’ll stick to kayaking.

Manly has a colony of little penguins which the city is quite proud of. However we haven’t seen any of these lovely little penguins except this one…

These beaches in Manly are considered much safer to swim but it certainly wasn’t a day for swimming for us at 19 degrees. So much for catching the Australian summer! The locals don’t seem to be bothered though…

We had to get back at a certain time because there was a big “bucket” list event happening for some of us that evening…

Andy: That evening I went to a place I never thought I’d ever go – The SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground). I’d seen it so many times on television over the years watching cricket, but to be there was a dream. I went to a Big Bash League game between Sydney Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes. I’d watched a few games on television since arriving in Australia and they are usually great games. I was really looking forward to this. It had been an overcast day right from the moment we got up, but the rain had held off thankfully. Well, all that changed as soon as the game started, and we all know cricket and rain don’t mix well. So, inevitably the game was abandoned midway through the 6th over and so off to the pub instead. Every cloud has a silver lining after all.

Essential cricket headwear for Jacob and I

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