Creative Post Boxes of Australia

As we spent 3 months driving around Australia one thing we noticed is that Aussies like to get creative with their post boxes. Obviously you see loads that are the same purposeful basic style, but other people really go to town. Here are some of our favourites…

The big scary fish style

The use of old microwave ovens was a fairly common, if somewhat unusual theme…

As was beer barrels and milk churns…

These couple of piggy friends were pretty cool…

This one wasn’t all that unusual in itself, but the way they’ve mounted it on the tree branch was pretty cool…

The rather ornate style
Surf’s up!
A motor post box
This lovely sausage dog
This marvellous creation using an engine crankshaft and milk churn was awesome

We thought this amazing fella was the winner. He was called Ned Kelly and was outside the first Aussie Airbnb we stayed at in Hervey Bay owned by an English couple.

Ned and I

One that I couldn’t photograph because I was driving alone and had lots of cars behind me was of a minion from the Despicable Me movies. That would’ve given ol’ Ned a run for his money I think!

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