Melbourne with Old friends

Seda: We’ve made loads of good friends along the way on this trip. One of those good friends is Charlie whom we met in McLeod Ganj, India.

The three of us in India June 2019

We followed the smell of Charlie’s mum’s gorgeous Italian pasta sauce and found them in Melbourne. We looked for a closeby Airbnb to make it easier to get together. Turns out a posh area called Patterson Lakes had an Airbnb with it’s own jetty and self contained studio room somehow within our price range…delightful!

Before long Andy was pretending to be a buyer and asking estate agents the prices of houses in the area. Let’s just say that you wouldn’t get much of a change for your million pound around here.

Knowing we could never afford one of those houses didn’t stop us from enjoying their kayaks for all of a lovely morning though. There were many expensive houses with their boats, jet skis and swimming pools. We can’t buy them but we can still look. For hours, we quietly enjoyed the tranquil waters and the beautiful sunshine which wasn’t strong enough to bother my Englishman but just enough to warm us up.

Have I ever mentioned my love for pelicans? They are absolutely enormous animals and they are so lovely, I cant stop watching them as they waddle around. Its breathtaking to watch them flying and it cheers me up to just look at them when they are searching for food. I said to Andy that I’d love to cuddle one even if it swallows me whole!

The pelicans were not alone of course. There were many spoonbills and ibis’ were hanging around too. With all these pointing to presense of fish in the water, Andy borrowed some fishing gear from the owners which were rather unfit for the purpose I think. Hence we didn’t have fish for dinner.

Andy: All this guys fishing gear was set up for someone left handed, and it was meant for the sea, so it was pretty heavy duty. I know I sound like I’m making excuses, because I am!

We hadn’t up until this point made it to The Queen Victoria Market, so we made a point of heading there on our last day in town. Unfortunately we only caught the last hour, but it was enough to have a good wander around, buy some fruit and souvenirs before heading to a little pub. I was even asked at the bar by an Aussie which football team I supported, and was amazed at how much he knew about English football. He even told me how he disliked Leeds United! He’d fit right in in England as so does everyone else!

With the Aussie version of The Chase on in the background

Seda: To spend our last 2 nights in Melbourne in fact in Australia, we moved to a different Airbnb in a different part of the city. This area is called Springvale and was highly populated by Asian locals which allowed us enjoy some delicious food.

Andy: The big night finally arrived, Andy and I dressed up in our best clothes, meaning the better one of the 2 shirts we owned and headed out. We went to an area of Melbourne called Mordialloc with Charlie, his mum Marie, and Auntie Heather. We had a fantastic night, and even discovered a shot called “Fireball!” I’ve never been a shots kind of guy, and certainly not whiskey, but this was lovely. It was slightly cinnamon flavoured, and very tasty. I even had a second!

While discovering Melbourne’s nightlife with an old friend we come to realise Marie and Heather’s love for dancing, Charlie’s popularity with the ladies (of all ages!) and our resistance to shots!

As we woke on our last day in Australia we headed into Springvale to grab some breakfast. As we mentioned earlier, Springvale has a large Asian community and so trying to find a “western” cafe for something simple like muesli and coffee was extremely difficult. In the end we headed into a supermarket to try and find something, and it really did bring back memories of being in Asia.

Seda: It’s difficult to believe but as our time came to an end in Melbourne, so did our time in Australia.Both Andy and I had an email from the Australian immigrations office a few days earlier reminding us that our 3 months visa was coming to an end! We certainly got the best value out of that! Goodbye Australia, we very much enjoyed our time here.

Goodbye Australia…

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