Our “return home” plan was designed to ease us back into our life gently and gradually by spending some time in Europe and by enjoying our final days travelling in a more known territory.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for every one of us. What we hear from friends and family about life in England made us realise how lucky we are to be here in NZ, so remote from all of this. People still go to pubs and cafes here and life pretty much continues as before just with some added caution factors.

As we travelled towards Christchurch for our return flight and car drop off time, we started to feel that staying here a bit longer, would be the safer choice. Andy doesn’t have to go back to work until May and we still have time remaining on our visas. A quick search revealed that we could get a self contained unit stay at the price we want for a month. This of course meant some flight adjustments but we thought it was worth it.

We tried calling the airline we were booked with to change the dates of our flight, only to be left on hold for an hour, and the online option didn’t seem to work either. As we were pretty close to Christchurch airport, we thought it might be quicker and easier to just go there and make the changes face to face at the airline’s desk.

The airline staff advised us that we really should travel when we were booked because if we waited more than a week then all the airlines would be pulling out of NZ and we’d be stranded there until at least June!

Wow! So much for staying put for a month. If we went down that road it’d be more like 3 before we could leave. So, this has put a premature end to our year of travelling in a rather abrupt and sudden way. No more taking the slow and scenic route home visiting more friends and family along the way. That said, we should put this into some sort of perspective. We are fit and healthy so we are very thankful. So many other people are suffering around the world because of this virus, and many have lost their battles sadly.

We wish everyone who’s not well to get well soon, and those who are well to stay patient and positive. This will hopefully be over soon and everyone can enjoy again what life has to offer.

In the meantime, we will be here, trying our best to write happy memories looking at the full side of the glass. Ok, we will be sitting on our living room couch this time, instead of travelling, since we’ll have to self-isolate upon our arrival in the UK but we still have a way of staying touch and that’s simply wonderful.

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