Stranded in New Zealand…

A quick update for all you lovely readers…

Seda: We had to get home and get home quick, so we gave up on our European flights that were booked and paid for in order to get a new direct flight to London via Dubai.

Shortly after we received both of these flights’ cancellation notifications as UAE closed its airports.

We started looking for a flight frantically and secured ourselves a 2 stop flight this time with Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines at horrifyingly high prices!

This was our last night with our camper car on an official campsite. Luckily it was too because as of that night, campsites stopped accepting sleeper cars and closed all their facilities. Unbelievable!

We dropped our lovely car (“dropped ” almost literally as we had to drop the key in a box and walk away). We checked into an Airbnb for our last night in NZ to sit and bite our nails as we kept an eye on flight cancellations.

It was that night NZ went into a complete lock down! We had no means of cooking anything and getting something delivered turned out to be a no go! We weren’t even sure if we’d get a cab the next morning. Still, we packed our stuff and went to a restless sleep with empty tummies!

There was no cancellation the next morning and uber was still bookable…yippie!

Andy: We went to the airport in Christchurch, NZ to fly home to the UK this morning only to be told we couldn’t because Singapore has closed down the airport to transit passengers. Only locals are allowed through the wonderful Changi airport.

There are no more flights!

So, we are stranded in NZ for the foreseeable future. We have found accommodation at a small motel at a reduced rate thankfully which seems nice. It has a fridge and basic cooking facilities. The owner is very helpful and not simply trying to cash in on other people’s miserable situations.

There is a supermarket within walking distance and we have already been and done a small shopping trip for a few days food supplies. A few bars of chocolate and a bottle of wine somehow made it into the basket too!

We are fit and healthy and thankful for that of course. Also, we are right across the road from the biggest park in Christchurch so we can do a daily walk or run there. That will hopefully help keep us sane by giving us some much needed fresh air. Maybe we’ll see some self isolating ducks and geese! We’ll be sure to keep a 2 metre distance at all times!

We have registered with the British Consulate to let them know we are British Citizens stranded here and are awaiting an opportunity to fly home.

Now I guess we wait and see what happens…

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