Queenstown to Te Anau, NZ

Seda: Ok, we may be stuck here in a motel room in NZ but our story hasn’t ended yet. We’ll take you back to where we were two weeks ago…Queenstown.

Feeling massively smug and terribly happy with ourselves after our bungy jump, we went back to our car full of adrenaline. After quiet an unexciting lunch, the adrenaline continued for Andy as he left me in town and headed for his fishing trip that was booked for the same afternoon. Party time…yippiee!

Andy: After my disastrous fishing trip in northern Queensland, AUS, I thought I’d try and redeem myself here in NZ by targeting a more familiar fish, albeit with an unfamiliar method. I regularly fly fish for trout back in England, but this would be spinning with plastic lures. I was looking forward to it though, and it was a lovely day which was a bonus.

I arrived at the boat ramp and met the guide, and the 2 other guys going out that day. We soon sped off up river to our first spot where we de-boated (is that a word?) and got going. I had a bite on my first cast which was rather exciting, although it didn’t hang on unfortunately. This was the theme for the first hour until we moved spots.

At the second spot I again had a bite with my first cast, but again it eluded me. I finally got one hooked up in the crystal clear waters which was a great feeling. A lovely day, and we all caught fish too which was awesome.

Seda: I didn’t have to decide where to go and what to do immediately because I heard some lovely tunes coming from lakeside where loads of people were sitting on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. Aaaah, this is my kind of life.

I just sat there and immediately ruined the beauty by trying to connect to our travel sim card network provider’s free town wifi. After a while, the band finished playing and my hands started shaking from wifi-less-ness, so I got up and walked away! Quickly I found myself a nice place with wifi and a lunch pizza offer and sat myself down in comfy chairs there. Later, much later, I went to roam around the town. There’s a lovely feel everywhere in Queenstown, just a happy place. If my fisherman didn’t call to meet, I probably could be found dancing on the beach barefoot with flowers in my hair.

Andy picked me up and we chatted all the way about our respective afternoons. I was disappointed that Andy decided to release back the only trout he’d caught back in the water especially considering he’s most likely scarred the poor thing for life.

In the morning before leaving the area, we went to Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway to see some more amazing scenery and some black swans. They look a bit weird I have to admit but their red beak is rather cute.

Since we’ve had this sleeper car, it’s been a common occurrence to use half empty car parks to prepare our lunches. So we did it again and made ourselves a saucepan full of salad for lunch. Yes I’m sure some of you posh people would have used a big bowl but our choices are a saucepan or a dinner plate, which one would you choose?!

Andy: The drive was on the side of lovely lake Wakatipu which meant we were never short of scenic picnic spots to enjoy our saucepan of salad by. It really is a joy to drive around NZ, especially the South Island. There are so many breathtaking views around every corner. It’s simply stunning.

Seda: It’s a long drive but eventually we reached Te Anau where our priority was to book a trip to Milford Sounds the next day. It has taken a lot of fast speed work to;

  1. Find a space in such short notice
  2. Get it at a good price

But in the end, it wasn’t yours truly, the purchasing specialist that got the great deal but it was my husband who charmed the pants of the girl at Jucy office and received a whopping 20% discount. The funny thing is he never gave her a voucher code! Hmmm!!!!

Our trip sorted, we had to find a place to stay. Unfortunately it’s not good enough to have a sleeper car in this country, we still have to pay for a campsite. It was late and nearby places were full or expensive. We ended up checking into the most expensive campsite for us to date yet. It was a Top 10 Holiday Park site, which is a chain designed for people staying in rooms, cabins, caravans, anything but cars. So in this sh…ty space literally next to people walking on the nearby payment, we parked our car and willed for the rain to stop but it didn’t. One part of me was thinking what an awful experience tomorrow would be if the rain didn’t clear by then, and the other part of me was thinking the toilet is about half a mile walk, how will I manage it in this rain?

It was all worth it in the end as we had a fantastic day at the Milford Sounds. But more on that later.
On our return we drove 20 minutes further to a lovely lakeside campsite and spent the night there. It was a special stay actually, because that was the most southern we’ve been and the closest we got to Antarctica. We found out what that meant whilst cleaning the ice off the windscreen in the morning!

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