NZ Roads Are Different!

We did, of course mention the winding narrow roads of New Zealand which have never failed to surprise us at how long they could be. This is Queen Charlotte drive from Picton to Havelock. Only 33kms long but takes 33 hours to complete…?!

Not every driver is used to NZ road conditions obviously but we never quite understood what was meant by the word “different” here…?!

They sure have a way with the words here though. We loved this one….

My lovely Mr. Cross, who beans so much to me, realised that he may never know when he could be on the menu!

The amount of tourists coming to New Zealand can be explained by the natural beauty of this country. Unfortunately though, not everyone is going to be equally impressed with that…some simply prefer the tree trunks.

No wonder why they recorded the Lord Of The Rings movies here. You can see anything and everything around from a fantasy world of scary steaming ponds in villages to golden hippo glaring from buildings in cities. There are geckos made with chainsaws displayed on forest walks and even tree routes are out to get you on public footpaths.

If forest walks are not your thing though, you can always take a bike ride on this ginormous beauty…

I would recommend you to be careful on the roads please because some drivers don’t fill me with confidence on these country’s roads…

Whatever you chose to do with your days, be comforted by the fact that when you get back to your room, you can take a long hot shower with your “calming & life-changing” shower gel!

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