A Slightly Relaxed Christchurch

Seda: It’s 9 days till our flight home and we are still in Christchurch where we’ve been stranded during the COVID-19 lockdown. NZ is one of the safer countries where the total number of deaths is 19 at the time of writing. Due to the successful containment of the pandemic, the government decided to reduce the level of restrictions for businesses as of today, so NZ is now at lockdown level 3.

Cashel Street, Canterbury

Andy: We went out for our daily walk but with a slight difference. Instead of heading straight for the park, we walked into town first to see if there was any differences since the lockdown rules had been slightly relaxed. There were a few businesses open – mainly chemists, and convenience stores – but also there was the odd coffee shop serving now too, albeit online order and collection only.

So, we enjoyed our first barista made coffee in 6 weeks today, and lovely it was too. We savoured every sip of those bad boys!

As we will have spent nearly 2 months in Christchurch by the time we leave, we thought we’d better see a little more of the place!

We saw the earthquake damaged cathedral in the city centre as well as some cool buildings and wall murals.

This city has had its share of suffering in recent times because as well as the regular earthquakes, there was also the mosque shooting of 2019 near to the park where we walk every day.

Bridge of Remembrance

Seda: Since this is not a very big city, soon we found ourselves in the upper end of the park where we do our walk everyday. Slightly increasing our pace, we got into exercising mode again and did a small loop around the park. The ducks that we distantly socialise everyday with were very happy to see us again. There seemed to be a few more people in the park playing with their kids in the piles of dry autumn leaves. “It will be strange” I said to Andy, “…leaving the autumn and the cold nights of 3 degrees behind and going to UK, where it will be hopefully welcoming summer”.

Hagley Park…

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